Cedar siding replacement options

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Replaced the cedar siding
Hardie is excellent siding. As another has mentioned, proper installation is key (butt joints with proper flashing) to good appearance. It holds paint extremely well and is impervious to the elements.

Just FYI, Hardie has shingle siding as well. Nearly all cedar sidewall shingles I see in our area end up turning black within five or so years and, if painted, usually peel quickly. The Hardie shingles are just as bulletproof as the siding.

Hardie has a 'beaded' lap siding that, for the right architectural style offers a look you don't see everyday. You don't see it too often because it's not the high volume product that's typically kept in stock but it's usually readily available.

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If your siding is real cedar, it should still be

OK, and repainting would be sufficient, however, if the siding is in bad condition and in need of replacing, HardiPlank is an excellent product with 50 warranty. I used it on my new shed, it's great stuff.
Things to do and ask about.
Removal of old siding.
Exactly what he's bidding (is trim included? et c) cost of siding, labor et c.
License No.
Workman's Comp policy #
Get at LEAST 3 bids and talk to the contractor, will he be doing the work with his crew? Does he seem to know what he's doing? Does he talk intelligently about the job? What kind of recommendations does he make? Are they to jack up his profit, or are they going to make for a better result on the jog? Make sure everything agreed upon is in WRITING

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