The Average Cost of New Siding and other Home Exteriors

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Hiring a contractor to install new siding is a large project that can have a bill ranging from $1, 500 to $15, 000. This huge price range depends largely on the building’s size and your choice of material. Typically, a contractor must come out to your home to give you a customized quote, but you can get an idea of the siding installation cost by looking at an average size home of about 2, 200 square feet.

Vinyl Siding
For every square foot of wall surface, vinyl siding costs between $2 and $3. For example, 1, 000 square feet would require $2, 000 to $3, 000 worth of materials. Labor costs are typically based on the region and union laws. In general, you need to add between $50 and $150 per hour for labor. Your contractor usually quotes a flat labor amount, but this can increase if issues arise during installation.

Stronger than vinyl, but prone to dents, aluminum is slightly more expensive. At $2.50 to $3.50 per square foot, a 2, 000 square foot area costs between $5, 000 and $7, 000 to cover.

It is critical to note that labor and material charges grow substantially bigger when the surface area increases. Installing siding on a small guest house, for example, is significantly cheaper compared to an installation on your main home.

Natural or engineered wood gives a traditional feel to the home, but you must choose the wood type carefully. Find engineered or treated wood that has specialized coatings to resist decay and insect damage. For a basic wood installation, each square foot costs $5 to $7.50. Typically in square or rectangular shingle shapes, this siding choice is more labor intensive. Because each shingle must be attached separately, the contractor may charge more per hour or increase the amount of hours for the job. Check all the paperwork before you sign a contract with a company to ensure that labor costs have a reasonable cap.

Fiber Cement
If you want a wood appearance without the maintenance, look for fiber cement siding. Available in a rainbow of colors, this siding has a wood grain and remains resilient against weathering and insect damage. For a 3, 000 square foot wall surface, expect to pay between $13, 500 and $27, 000 for materials alone. Labor may be more negotiable for this siding because of its easier installation pattern.

Stucco is a plaster mixture that must be applied to the building’s outside surface. This unique siding lasts for many years with barely any maintenance, but it costs between $4 and $10 for each square foot, not including labor. Although a 2, 200 square foot surface ranges between $8, 800 and $22, 000 for stucco materials, it may be the last siding you ever purchase.

Unexpected Expenses
Other expenses surprise you as the contractor begins the job. If you have not removed the old siding, for example, an extra $1, 000 to $3, 000 is added to the quoted installation amount. Requesting insulated siding costs significantly more, depending on the insulation and siding type.


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Things to do and ask about.
Removal of old siding.
Exactly what he's bidding (is trim included? et c) cost of siding, labor et c.
License No.
Workman's Comp policy #
Get at LEAST 3 bids and talk to the contractor, will he be doing the work with his crew? Does he seem to know what he's doing? Does he talk intelligently about the job? What kind of recommendations does he make? Are they to jack up his profit, or are they going to make for a better result on the jog? Make sure everything agreed upon is in WRITING

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  • Avatar jeffs_wife_ali _&_adams_mom Does my cedar siding need to be replaced?
    Apr 03, 2009 by jeffs_wife_ali _&_adams_mom | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    I have cedar boards (not the little shakes) on my house, and I've noticed that the east and south facing boards are looking dry, and seem to be lifting up at the bottom (curling a bit). It is stained with a heavy, dark …h side looks perfectly fine. Can I salvage the east and south siding of my house? I really can't afford to re-side, but I'd like to sell in a year or two, and don't want a dingy looking house to show. Any suggestions?

    • Try to do as the gentleman suggested, I agree that the nails may have pulled through or rusted out the south wall especially usually get hit with most of the noontime sun , with the east and west getting less abuse from …lly have. (I have not had much luck at all going to one of the big box stores and finding a salesperson who has such knowledge) The Consumer Reports had a good article last year on paints and stains I found very helpful.