Custom Projects

Storage shed
Custom designed and built Craftsman Style storage shed

This craftsman style storage shed was built to customer specifications including custom shelving and electricity which powers the refrigerator and lighting. It was framed in a way which allows it to be easily moved at a later time using a forklift.

Cedar Pool House With Overhang and bath

Solid Construction designed and built this pool house to customer specifications including a bathroom and patio roof extension enhancing the living space near the backyard pool area. Western red cedar posts, trim, and siding was used in this structure as well as a cedar tongue and groove ceiling under the overhang. Recessed lighting, power outlets, and staged plumbing lines will one day provide for an outdoor kitchen area. The inside of the pool house is heated and cooled and contains two storage closets. See the related deck project.

CStorage shedCantilever Deck with Cable Railing

This unique cantilever deck was built to convert window space to a second-story deck overlooking a pool area. The cable railing is safe and secure but provides maximum visibility through the railing. Another creative solution from Solid Construction.

Cedar railing and roof overhang

This cedar railing was custom built incorporating decorative aluminum balusters and post caps. The roof overhang was built on two cedar brackets with cedar tongue and groove boards making up the ceiling.

Custom project - Pool houseOctagonal window

This octagonal window was added to bring light into the water closet area of the master bathroom while providing privacy and beauty. Alteration of the brick exterior wall and wood framed wall had to be strategically done to create an opening that looks like it belongs.

Custom sink

This custom sink base was converted from a piece of furniture to house the plumbing for the faucet and drain.

Shed with custom decorative trim and window

This storage shed was built with typical house framing materials and wall size to create a sturdy and sizable space for storage. The decorative trim work and window make the shed's style fit with the neighborhood.

Room addition with attic and custom model train layout

This room addition built in the historic district of downtown Greenville incorporated the house's older style look and contains a large loft above functioning as comfortable storage use. The bottom story was outfitted with a custom model train layout.

Custom project - Cedar Pool house with large overhang and bathroom Custom project - Pool house bathroom Custom project - Cantilever Deck Custom project - cable railing


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Need siding options for shed

A friend just accepted a job offer in another state. The conditions were that he start immediately, so he has left his wife and small children to sell the house.
He has an unfinished shed in the back that is 100 square feet floor space and sheathed with OSB. It is about 9 feet tall on the sides. His original plan was to side it with cedar. I'd like to finish this project for him at a lower cost than the cedar (their finances are modest), but better than painting over OSB.
I'm inexperienced with siding, but I know how to measure, cut, and caulk.
What options are available?
Thanks much.

Recycling deck

I am about to rebuild my deck and replace the existing ugly PT 2x6 boards with either cedar (2x6 boards) or brazilian redwood 1x4(boards) - but I would like to recycle the pt pine boards.
They are well aged - probably 10 to 15 years, and lost the greenish tone - almost look like bare pine, after I powerwash to remove the paint that was covering them.
I would like to rip them - actually "slice" at height(1/3/4"), so I can make use it as siding for a yard tool shed. Some boards are about 14' and get smaller as they are laid at 45 degrees on a 10x25 deck.
Can this be done on a 10" table saw - it's a ryobi bt3000, or I risk way too many troubles?
Is there any way to do it?

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