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Western Red Cedar is grown in the Pacific Northwest. It is naturally resistant to moisture, decay and insect damage, making it the prime choice for interior or exterior use. Cedar is known for its fine, even grain and rich color that will complement any architectural style. Our select tight-knot grade adds warmth and charm for a casual country look. Cedar is lightweight and easy to work with has a minimum tendance to shrink, twist, check or cup. It seasons easily and quickly and provides a great base for stain or paint. and available in 8' to 16' lengths. Profile Size Type Additional Details
Price 1x6 in Tongue and Groove Siding These boards feature one smooth side and one rough sawn side
$0.85/lf $1.29/lf 1x8 in Tongue and Groove Siding $1.49/lf 1x8 in Channel Rustic Siding Select Tight Knot Grade $1.59/lf- 1x10in Channel Rustic Siding $1.99/lf 1x6 in Plain Bevel Siding Select Tight Knot Grade $.85/lf 1x8 in Plain Bevel Siding $.99/lf 1x10in Plain Bevel Siding 5/4x8 in Rabbeted Bevel Siding Select Tight Knot Grade 1x10cedarchannelrustic 1x6cedarplbevel 1x8cedarplainbevel

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The Foundry Foundry Split Shake Vinyl Siding (832 Aged Cedar)
Kitchen (The Foundry)
  • Look and Feel of Real Cedar Shake
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Class 1(A) fire rating offers the highest level of fire-resistance avaliable in a siding product
  • Certified to meet ASTM D3679 test standards, heat shrinkage, impact resistance, surface distortion, product weathering and wind-load resistance when exposed to severe...
  • Benefits of vinyl siding include: low maintenance, product life, wind and water resistance, color retention, impervious to insect damage

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I think

You are right to point out that it is not always a good time to buy. i think the downside of a bubble market that we have had is that people not only fork out too much money, period. but also, that they buy the biggest crap for a lot of money. i mean here in wa two years ago you could have sold your old shoe as a house, with holes in it, and someone would have bought it.
but- if you bought low, and bargained for some improvements you should be fine. there are hidden benefits to owning. especially if you want to stay put and raise a family. however, it seems that younger generations do not understand the benefit of that

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  • Avatar Nic Derrigo What are some good alternatives to expensive cedar siding?
    Apr 23, 2011 by Nic Derrigo | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I am building a house up in the mountains and would like to get that cedar sided look but don't want to spend the money. What are some good alternatives that don't require a lot of maintenance (besides T111)?

    • Hardi-Plank makes a textured cementitious product that is termite, fire, and rot proof. Check the product info below.