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House in Bellevue, Washington, USA – design by COOP15, Architects

House in Bellevue

Before & After:

A plain and well-worn, gable-roofed 1960’s home, has been transformed into a series of horizontal and vertical planes and volumes.

Located on a heavily treed suburban hillside with Lake Washington views, the home was expanded to 3000 square feet, to accommodate a family of four including work-at-home office and workshop areas. An existing carport was filled in to create expanded living, dining and kitchen spaces, and a second story added for a master bedroom suite. The main living area was also expanded vertically, to capture light through clerestory windows. A new carport was added.

All of the original foundation and most of the original framing was retained. Many original finish materials (wide plank cedar siding, oak flooring, gypsum wallboard) were integrated with new materials (fiber-cement siding, aluminum windows). Though not experienced builders, the owners crafted much of the finish work on their own, in the interests of construction economy.

Enatai House

Images : Gregg Krogstad

Enatai House images / information from COOP15, Architects

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Enatai House Enatai House Enatai House House in the Trees


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