What Angle Do You Set Your Saw To Cut Corners On Bevel Cedar Siding?

I think I understand your question now.

To actually calc your angle,we would need your siding bevel degrees and your bevel angle relative to your wall plane (assuming it's a lap siding) and your orientation on your saw (flat side or bevel side down).

Even then,I'd sure have to pull out my trig programs and a case of beer to figure it out.... but I bet one of our better mathmaticians might get by with one six pack.

Honestly,I'd just template it with scraps...trial/error it.

Attached is a bay window finish that ate my lunch. It's not your exact application,but the principals are similar.

Both vertical angles/planes are different.... both framing it and finishing it,quite frankly confused the H out of me.

My brother in law has graduate math degrees,and he did not want to trig it out..... but he did conclude....

Note my mismatched ship/lap lines.... It was a mathmatical impossibility to keep them aligned,shy of remilling down each course of the siding.

I would be interested if there are any simpler answers to your question.

Best and Good luck

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Never stop learning (xcep fer speling en typeing)What angle do you set your saw to cut corners on bevel cedar siding?-bay-window-1026.jpg

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No answer, but I got more info and possibly an a

There is a link here:
It briefly mention about lap sidings.
I will have to measure and cut the hole a bit bigger. Next, add flashing around it like windows flashing (aluminium here). This flashing goes beneath the siding (instead of the inner channels I mentioned before).
I then add a 1x wood frame around the opening. It will be extended out same or pass the siding's largest thinness so that I can mount the shutter on it.
I then caulk beneath and nails and caulk the nails the flashing into the wood flanges (on the sides)

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