Beveled Cedar siding Dimensions

Western Red Cedar Clear Bevel Sidings, Boards and Dimension

With Cedar Bevel Siding

Boards and Dimension
A (10-15% B), S4S Kiln Dried (KD)
1" = 11/16" thick; 5/4" = 1" thick

D & Btr, PAD S4S

A&BTR. V.G. grade, S1S2E, KD, (90% 20'), Graded resawn face
1" = 11/16" thick; 5/4" = 1" thick

Timbers #401 r list
Clear red cedar rough sawn
*Available through special order

A & Btr, T&G, V-jointed, KD
*Our T&G WP-4+4 is reversible, smooth
or rough face. "V" jointed on both faces.

Western Red Cedar Beaded Ceiling


Cooper Tools Wiss WSLP1 11-Inch Snap Lock Punch with Vinyl/Aluminum Siding and Plastic Skirting
Home Improvement (Cooper Tools)
  • Forms Tabs To Secure Vinyl Siding Or Plastic Skirting To Finishing Trim
  • 3/8-Inch Throat
  • Vinyl Handle Grips For Added Comfort

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No answer, but I got more info and possibly an a

There is a link here:
It briefly mention about lap sidings.
I will have to measure and cut the hole a bit bigger. Next, add flashing around it like windows flashing (aluminium here). This flashing goes beneath the siding (instead of the inner channels I mentioned before).
I then add a 1x wood frame around the opening. It will be extended out same or pass the siding's largest thinness so that I can mount the shutter on it.
I then caulk beneath and nails and caulk the nails the flashing into the wood flanges (on the sides)

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    Oct 04, 2009 by Uditha | Posted in Other - Cars & Transportation

    I mean new car has been painted in this colors. And how does this change from regular colors?

    • Metallic paint has small metal flakes mixed in with the paint, that shimmers slightly and shows the curves of the car better than flat paint. The down sides are that it had to be lacquered over to get the deep glossy fin …paint, which is basically just like normal metallic paint but the flakes of (normally aluminium) are a lot bigger and provide an expensive and very different finish. Click on my link below for a sample image from Google.