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Hoffmeyer's Mill is your best source for solid wood siding and paneling. We specialize in Kiln Dried Pine Board and Batten which we purchase in volume by the truckload, 30, 000 feet at a time, numerous times throughout each year. We also offer prefinished wood siding and Western Red Cedar siding as well as decking and so much more.

As an independant business we carefully choose the products to offer our customers, from select reputable mills, and then buy from our choice which is defined by the best quality at the best price - not just the best price. We have been in the lumber business for 38+ years and have learned alot along the way by working with many of top supplier, distributors and mills in Canada as well as the USA. When you buy from us you buy from our experience, which ensures what works best for us will work best for you. We want you to remember your purchase experience for the right reasons and we do our best to make them so that you tell your friends.

Feel free to send us your job to estimate and you will receive a no obligation quote. It can be a large or small project. We do require information such as your quantity of materials required and your location in order for us to prepare the quote. We ship all over Ontario and the rest of Canada as well. When you call on Hoffmeyer's you have the opportunity to speak and deal directly with Reg Ogilvie, the owner, when placing your order.

All our stocked lumber is kept under a roof, covered, and well organized to help ensure that you receive materials that exceed your expectation.

Please read on and scroll down the entire page for more information.

White Pine Board & Batten All material is uniform thickness for ease of installation. Rough sawn or smooth 1 side. Battens can be milled in various widths. Choose square edge, beveled edge or rounded edge (shown) battens. Our most popular 1 x 12 Board is milled on all sides for bright, uniform finish an consistant width and thickness. Two edges are smooth and the face is machined rough with a smooth back. 2012 New Home on Georgian Bay with Hoffmeyer Board & Batten

Hi Reg!

As Promised, here are some pictures of the board and Batten siding you provided us with. The job turned out great! We even used it on our porch ceiling. Thanks again for a great product and service. Bill and Lynn in Collingwood.

Quality Pine Board & Batten supplied to the Hawthorne residence in Waterloo, ON installed by Duane Erb Construction.
A new carriage house in Waterdown, Ontario. Windows made by Hoffmeyer's as was the Board & Batten We supply materials for all sizes of buildings. Finish it off with authentic true divided lite window sash!

We are also dealers fro Fraserwood siding. This is a premium pre-finished wood siding that is factory coated with Cabot Stain available in unlimited colors and many profiles of horizontal and vertical siding as well as board and batten, cedar shingles and trims.


Cooper Tools Wiss WSLP1 11-Inch Snap Lock Punch with Vinyl/Aluminum Siding and Plastic Skirting
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No answer, but I got more info and possibly an a

There is a link here:
It briefly mention about lap sidings.
I will have to measure and cut the hole a bit bigger. Next, add flashing around it like windows flashing (aluminium here). This flashing goes beneath the siding (instead of the inner channels I mentioned before).
I then add a 1x wood frame around the opening. It will be extended out same or pass the siding's largest thinness so that I can mount the shutter on it.
I then caulk beneath and nails and caulk the nails the flashing into the wood flanges (on the sides)

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