Painting Aluminium Side Steps

Bully Aluminum Side Steps

  • Ruggedly beefy look
  • Heavy duty aluminum
  • Looks great as is or can be painted to match your vehicle’s finish
  • Sold in pairs, 2 truck steps included in each kit


Getting into your truck or SUV's cab or bed shouldn't feel like a monumental task, but it often does. These are large, tough vehicles we're talking about, and they may require taking some long strides to climb in and out of. This is where truck side steps come in handy, and these Bully Aluminum Side Steps are amongst the best that money can buy.

Bully Aluminum Side Steps are an ideal choice for remedying any difficulty you may face in accessing your vehicle. They offer an ample stepping area even if you're wearing large work boots, and they come sold in pairs so you can have one for each side of your vehicle. If you have a large or crew cab vehicle, a second pair may be beneficial to aid access to both the front and rear seats.

When it comes to pickup truck steps, there is no room for second rate build quality, and these bed side steps are more than up to par. Constructed from heavy duty materials, Bully Aluminum Side Steps are made to last through the roughest of conditions. They are also easy to install, although they may require minor drilling depending on your make and model of truck. Each step is pre-drilled to ease the process, and all the necessary brackets are also included.

Bully Aluminum Side Steps also sport rugged, traditional aesthetics straight out of the box. However, they can be painted to match your vehicle's finish if you choose to do so. This ensures that every pair of these pickup bed steps can be made to match the look of your truck or SUV. These are a strong investment in the safety and functionality of your truck, and can be heartily recommended to any pickup or SUV owner.

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Bolt on installation with minor drilling (some models). The installation manual is clear cut and easy to read. For additional information, please call us toll free at 1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.


Cooper Tools Wiss WSLP1 11-Inch Snap Lock Punch with Vinyl/Aluminum Siding and Plastic Skirting
Home Improvement (Cooper Tools)
  • Forms Tabs To Secure Vinyl Siding Or Plastic Skirting To Finishing Trim
  • 3/8-Inch Throat
  • Vinyl Handle Grips For Added Comfort

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Replacing aluminum siding with vinyl

My home(split foyer built in 1985) has walls built with 2 x 4 studs on 24" centers. The exterior walls have 1" thick foam panels and there is no sheathing.
My question is: Has anyone installed vinyl siding with 24" spacing? (most installation instructions show 16" max spacing)
Has it caused any issues?

Installing aluminum awning over vinyl siding

I had aluminum siding replaced on the house after a storm this past summer. After the siding was replaced I got the idea to install an awning over the door (there was one there at one time). I asked the contractor if he would install it, he said yes but has delayed and procrastinated unbelievably.
Is it a difficult thing to do, or structurally iffy to put an awning up over the siding? Underneath is stucco, and the house is 100 years old.
thank you.

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    • Metallic paint has small metal flakes mixed in with the paint, that shimmers slightly and shows the curves of the car better than flat paint. The down sides are that it had to be lacquered over to get the deep glossy fin …paint, which is basically just like normal metallic paint but the flakes of (normally aluminium) are a lot bigger and provide an expensive and very different finish. Click on my link below for a sample image from Google.

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      The anodizing acid may be sulphuric acid or chromic acid and the etch acid may be phosphoric acid, chromic acid or a mixture of sulphuric and chromic acids.

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  • Avatar Travis T Cost to replace aluminium siding with wood clapboard?
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    The house is a small 2-story colonial. About 1300 square feet. Anyone know what kind of cost we are looking at? I'm just looking for a ballpark figure...

    • Your costs are gonna be determined by the product you ceder clapboards are gonna be the most exspensive,but are the best looking and most wear resistant.remember to use stainless steel nails with any red ceder pr … comes in different colors and textures and may be the best choice for my experience vinyl runs about $40.00 a square to put up.go with a quality product and you will be happier in the long run.good luck.

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