Vinyl Siding Installation in Milwaukee

Before Aluminium Siding In Milwaukee

Improve the look of your home through quality vinyl siding, cedar, steel or aluminum siding from the Milwaukee home siding installation experts, Aluma-Trim of America. For three generations we have carried the most durable, beautiful, and affordable vinyl siding in Milwaukee and throughout Southeast Wisconsin. Never paint again, and add value, along with functionality to your home through easy installation of Aluma-Trim’s custom siding.

Our aluminum and steel siding products come in a wide variety of grains, colors, and sizes in order to create the perfect look to makeover your home’s exterior. For a rustic appearance, all of our cedar siding is painted and treated to provide that natural wood appearance. If you’re looking for insulated vinyl siding in Milwaukee, Aluma-Trim of America utilizes “smart core” insulation for long-lasting protection! We also provide siding replacement throughout the greater Milwaukee area.

All of our products are backed by both fade protection and lifetime warranties. Receive superior siding for the life of your home, have our Milwaukee premium siding installation experts transform your home! We are vinyl siding certified! Contact Aluma-Trim of America today for a free estimate on your siding project.

Before: Aluminum Siding

Never Paint Again!

Experienced and Quality Workmanship!

We are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured!

Being in Business for over 65 years we have many projects we have worked on. Above is a few Before and After pictures from recent cover all projects. We feature in the After pictures: Home Accents hand broken shakes and Rustic Blend double four vinyl siding.


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Installing windows doors with aluminum siding

It would seem that when looking to install (replace windolws w/ full flange) and install a new french door with existing aluminum siding, it would be best to adddress new siding at the same time correct? meaning change out the siding so that a proper seal can be nmade with the new windows & door trim and the siding.
If I were to install new w& d including new trim (4X6),( 2X4)etc, is ther any way to cut the siding and create a legit seal between the new trim and the siding? or will the siding get distroyed by the trim installation.
Can this be don

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  • Avatar Uditha What is Metallic Color(colour) ?
    Oct 04, 2009 by Uditha | Posted in Other - Cars & Transportation

    I mean new car has been painted in this colors. And how does this change from regular colors?

    • Metallic paint has small metal flakes mixed in with the paint, that shimmers slightly and shows the curves of the car better than flat paint. The down sides are that it had to be lacquered over to get the deep glossy fin …paint, which is basically just like normal metallic paint but the flakes of (normally aluminium) are a lot bigger and provide an expensive and very different finish. Click on my link below for a sample image from Google.