Aluminum Siding: Maintenance

Aluminum Siding: Maintenance And Repair

Property Maintenance and

Repairing, and repainting aluminum siding takes a lot less time than you think. Learn easy maintenance for your aluminum siding.

Using aluminum siding to beautify your home has become very popular today. Home owners love the way it saves them time by not having to scrape and paint the exterior of their homes so often. Patching, cleaning and repainting aluminum siding takes a lot less time than the house painting process. Not to mention that a simple dousing with a high pressure hose can leave your home looking newly painted. All this coupled with the way aluminum siding protects the material your home is made of makes it a number one pick for many.

Aluminum siding, if properly taken care of, can last for an indefinite time. Unlike most metal objects where minor rust and damages can usually be repaired, aluminum products do not tend to rust. Since it is rust that will destroy metals most if not taken care of quickly, this problem is eliminated with aluminum. Because aluminum is too soft to use alone it is always contained in an alloy. It is a lightweight metal that is easily drilled and cut. On the other hand, it cannot be soldered and is difficult to weld. Aluminum is known to resist atmospheric corrosion, anodizing an electrochemical coating process that dramatically improves its performance. Aluminum comes in sheets and many other forms including pre-shaped flashings and rods, angles, preformed thresholds, television antennae, frame work for windows, screens and greenhouses. When working with aluminum, whether forming original work or making repairs, it is a good idea to work with good materials and make careful preparations.

It is a good idea with aluminum siding to inspect it seasonally for any damage. Making minor repairs as they are needed can save you major expenses in the future. If you inspect your aluminum siding and find small punctures or cracks, they can be filled with a good quality caulking compound. Most aluminum siding can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water but if your aluminum siding is 15 to 20 years old, it may have begun to chalk or discolor. To see if your problem is chalking, simply apply a piece of masking tape to any area of the siding. When you pull the tape off check to see if a whitish residue remains on the tape. If you find this residue, the siding is chalking and will need immediate attention. To remove chalking or corrosion you will need to scrub the siding with a wire brush and detergent solution. After you have scoured the entire surface, carefully rinse the surface and let it dry. If your entire house is covered with siding you might consider renting a pressure washer, which works great to scour such large areas.


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Just like aluminum siding in the 60's

Replacement windows are the fad of the day for the maintenance averse - "no maintenance, no painting, save energy costs" - the same marketing.
My house has aluminum siding from the 60's, and now it looks just awful, not that it ever looked as good as the original shakes. Forgot about the fact that the exposed rafter tails and all other details were covered over.
My guess is the cheap replacement windows will last about as long, maybe 10-20 years.
The same type of folks who fell for aluminum or vinyl siding are falling for these cheap windows, whereas properly maintained cedar siding and old-growth cypress windows will last another 100 years.

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