Siding and Exteriors: Siding Replacement Choices – Aluminum, Fiber Cement, or Vinyl Siding?

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The question often posed by homeowner’s to our exterior renovation staff is whether to choose steel / aluminum, fiber cement (Hardie for example), or Vinyl Siding?

Some homeowners still have aluminum or steel siding on their homes that has done the job and lasted for many years. And today, most homes have vinyl siding. When it comes time for siding replacement, many wonder if they should stay with aluminum, steel, or vinyl siding or make a switch to the newer composite siding offerings.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding has drawbacks due to market changes and performance. There are fewer choices as siding manufacturers are offering less. Style and color choices for aluminum or steel siding are limited. Also, aluminum is a soft material and has the least resistance to denting from rocks, balls and hail. Aluminum siding is also prone to scratching. Many of our clients are in the hail areas of Western Canada and as such this is a considerable issue for insurance claims.

Royal Vinyl Siding
Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has become the standard. Statistics show that Vinyl Siding accounts for about double the siding market. Vinyl siding is most affordable and performs well delivering excellent value. Vinyl siding now offers fade-resistant technologies for long-lasting color, choices for high grade thickness for better durability and hail resistance, and adhered foam backers are available for insulating your home while installing your new siding.

Royal Vinyl Siding Link

Steel Siding

Steel siding is still installed on homes and businesses. Steel is strong and dent-resistant, fire-resistant, recyclable and can be coiled allowing for seamless installation. It is however limited in design and color and is cost prohibitive for some.

Composite Siding (Fiber Cement Siding)

A growing number of homeowners are looking to composites like fiber cement for their next siding renovation. Solid board construction provides wood-like strength and insulation properties, while remaining resistant to bugs, salt, rot, and damage.

Why Fiber Cement Siding?

James Hardie / Product Comparison Guide

When you consider key attributes, it becomes clear that James Hardie fiber cement siding outperforms the alternatives.

30-Year Warranty

Rot Resistant

Impervious to Termites

Resistant to Warping and Shrinkage

Will Not Melt With Exposure to Heat Source
Highly Durable and Resistant to Minor Impact

Resistant to Wind, Rain, Hail, Snow and Sun

Real Woodgrain Look and Feel


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My several comparisons

Don't know where "bnc" is - that's an unknown at the moment...if it's Northern Canada, then perhaps 4 cents per SF is impressive. But, htere are my several comparisons.
1) 4200 square footer in Denver. 2 X 6 studs, double-pane windows with low-e glass, pulse-style 97% efficient gas forced-air furnace with no A/C, gas hot water, special care given to sealing it up. $200/month average in the winter...and we got sick a lot because of the new house chemicals. Sold the place at three years old, it still smelled of formaldehyde.
2) 3500 square footer north of Denver, out on the plains

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