Aluminium Siding over treated Wood

Wisdom Of Installing Vinyl Siding Over Wood Is Debatable

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Q-Recently I had vinyl siding installed on my home. Since then I have been told that dampness will gather behind the vinyl and rot the wood parts of the home. Is this true?

A-This is a controversial subject, and it just isn`t possible to state whether a moisture problem may develop behind the siding. Basically, if the siding was installed correctly and any needed pre-siding repairs were made and ventilating procedures followed, the siding should not create problems.

However, many experts think it is not a good idea to install cosmetic

``maintenance-free`` siding such as vinyl and aluminum over wood siding. The new siding can conceal problems that exist or develop in the wood structure, such as moisture, rot or insect attacks. If concealed, of course, such problems can develop uncorrected to the point at which irreversible damage may occur.

Unfortunately, many homeowners decide to install vinyl or aluminum because their homes are already showing symptoms of moisture problems, such as peeling paint or rotting wood. The best policy is to make sure the causes of any existing problems are found and corrected before a substitute siding is installed.

For example, peeling paint is often caused by inadequate vapor barriers on the interiors of walls and poor ventilation in rooms where a lot of moisture is produced, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Moisture from inside the home penetrates a wall, condenses when it reaches the cold side of the wall and causes paint to peel and/or wood to rot. Areas of rotted wood are also often caused by leaking rain gutters, poor flashing over windows or poor caulking around windows or doors.

My advice at this point is to hope for the best and keep a sharp lookout for any developing problems. Moisture trapped in walls may show up as mildew on interior wall surfaces.


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