Aluminium side panels for Caravans

Seperation of exterior aluminium side panel

Static Caravan Panel Repair

I have a bessacar cameo caravan and noticed that approx 3 foot of the panel has seperated 0n offside of caravan approx 3 feet from lower edge of the floor it overlaps lower panel., How do I rebond or reseal it, there is no moisture at all behind the panel. Your input would greatly appreciated, except for this coming adrift the van is in very good condition.

What has happend is called delamination. This can be fixed by re-bonding via the interior wall. You can fix this yourself by purchasing a re-bonding kit from Apollo Chemicals Ltd but I would have this done by a proffesional. I would advise that you contact your local dealer and ask them how much it would cost and if it is not too expensive, get them to do it.


DMM DMM Aluminium Aero Hms Locksafe Carabiner (a367)
Sports (DMM)
  • Hot forged & fully heat treated aluminium for lightness & maximum strength.
  • Anodised to BS12373-2001 Class 10E1 sealed for corrosion protection.
  • Patented Taperlock clean nose for increased gate push in and side resistance
  • Individually marked for traceability.
  • Made in Wales, UK

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